As SEEN on Forbes, CN, ABC, CBS and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL is recognized by most of the internet users as the best of the internet’s millionaire dating sites. In fact, this assumption is a fair one concerning the caliber of the members of this community. These member millionaires are attractive and successful ones who are looking for the right millionaire match for their life. goes through all the profiles thoroughly and verifies them. All the profiles of this wonderful millionaire matchmaking website contain highly attractive photos, despite of the gender. Therefore, members can easily get to know with whom they are trying to initiate a connection.

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Benefits of offers great benefits to the members in terms of building a life-long relationship and maintaining it with success.

Request to Chat
This is the feature that allows members to send a request to initiate a chat conversation with a friend or person of interest. This notification will be sent in the form of an email. This feature is highly effective is the receiver is online.  Most of the users prefer live chat mode as the responses are immediate.

Public Comments
This is another great feature for a millionaire dating site. Site members can post public comments on the wall. These comments are visible after log-in into the account. Offensive and annoying comments are highly prohibited in this millionaire dating site. Is such case is being reported, the relevant account will be suspended immediately by the admin.

Millionaire Date Ideas
Site members of the can post what they want and like to do on the very first date. By looking at these posts, other members can see if it is the perfect millionaire match for them.

Screening and Privacy is quite serious about people’s privacy. They adhere to a very thorough screening process to avoid fake profiles and spammers away. They have taken number of precautions to fulfill this task. There is very less room for bullying in this millionaire dating site. The site’s advanced search features allows only genuine people to get into the site providing their actual details. So, this is not the place for those who want to create a fake profile and earn some money.

Despite all the security precautions taken by the, they ask the members not to give away personal information in private format. Members should not send money to any other member due to any reason. If someone asks for money, or threat you, immediately contact the site admin for necessary actions.


Editor’s Verdict:
This particular millionaire dating website is not just for women to search for rich men. Through this site, rich women can find some average men if that is their preference. This makes a much more popular site among the internet users.

It is a fact that there are many attractive individuals with low wealth. Just because they do not have enough wealth to be categorized as rich, it doesn’t mean that they are not eligible to get dated by someone. Understanding this fact pretty well, welcomes al the individuals to the website warmly despite of their net worth. However, in return, this site asks its members to be honest in providing details. It is another fact to consider that not all wealthy people want to look for another wealthy partner. Interestingly, some of these wealthy people look for the opposite. Once you provide your actual financial information, will use its advance math making system and show you the potential matches. Therefore, you do not have to be a millionaire to find your perfect partner at thanks to their graciousness.

Dealing with people’s wealth information is a sensitive subject. Considering this fact, offers members to select a particular income range. Their lowest category is under 100K and the highest categories go beyond hundreds of millions. This is a great way to let the people to be comfortable providing highly sensitive details of their life. With this feature, people start to think it is just another way of finding the correct match, but not anything personal.

However, if a certain member need to find a real millionaire match with a genuine millionaire wealth, offers them one of the smartest features to make the process easier and fruitful. This well thought feature is called Certified Millionaire. To make this process a successful and highly effective one, adheres to a thorough process. During this process, will request millionaire members to submit their documents to prove the wealth. Simply, Certified Millionaire is a status which can be gained by providing genuine documentation. In a way, this process is an extremely important one because there are members who are in search of genuine millionaire matches only.

When it comes to the appearance, it seems like believes in the old saying “first impression matters”. They have made their homepage in a simple, practical and a user friendly manner. In this exceptional case, you can in fact, “judge the book by its cover”. It is not loaded with fancy looking complex features; instead, the homepage contains clean and essential features to find a perfect millionaire match. It keeps the members attracted to the main subject. The overall navigation of the site is perfect in comparison to some complex millionaire dating websites. The search options that are available with the Gold level membership are awesome. They offer good enough options to make the search a narrower and a precise one. Because of this advance search feature, members can expect better results even with poor keyword searches.