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1.MillionaireMatch Launches Luxury Show Feature
The Luxury Show Feature is Helping Users Receive More Exposure and Attention

MillionaireMatch is pleased to announce the launch of the newest feature of its iOS app. Through the MillionaireMatch iOS app, users can now take advantage of the Luxury Show feature. Through Luxury Show, users can upload and share photos of their luxury items. The sleek feature offers another way for MillionaireMatch users to attract potential mates.
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2. Credit Suisse mulls social network for the silk-stocking set as U.S. ops wind down

Dating site “Millionaire Match” allows people who have verified assets of more than $1 million to become “Diamond Members,” meaning the site indicates they are certified millionaires. Social network Netropolitan Club launched in September 2015 as an “online country club” designed exclusively for wealthy people.

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3. Millionaire dating site wants women to post photos sans makeup, men still free to do whatever

One dating site is trying to fix this reality, one offensive suggestion at a time. In an attempt to prevent users from “tricking” potential partners,—a 14-year-old site exclusively for millionaires—has asked women to use its new “true selfie” feature, to reveal what they look like without makeup.

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